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About Us

The act of self-adornment has been practiced by humans since the beginning of time. The ancient Egyptians believed in the magical powers of jewelry and amulets to protect them from disease, ward off evil and bring good fortune. The Maasai tribe of Kenya wear vibrant headdresses and beaded jewelry that can tell an entire story based on color and bead placement: age, social status, marital status — even whether a woman has given birth to a boy or a girl. In Western cultures, lockets holding tiny photos or other objects of sentimental value have been popular for centuries as a way to keep a loved one close to the wearer’s heart at all times, while rings made of diamonds and precious metal signify the promise of eternal commitment.

Kate Collins Jewelry celebrates our innate impulse to self-adorn — and in doing so to express ourselves, tell a story, or just feel beautiful. All of our jewelry is designed and hand-crafted using high-quality, ethically sourced materials. We believe in radical transparency, in life and in business. Kate seeks to work with others who are similarly committed to helping, not harming, the planet and its people. We use recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones from female-owned and operated suppliers. Kate Collins Jewelry offers pieces in limited quantities, ensuring that the collection stays fresh and allowing us to follow our heart — not the trends of the moment. 

Unlike the instantly recognizable styles of many global luxury brands, Kate Collins Jewelry is wholly unique and deeply personal. Because Kate believes that self-adornment shouldn’t be a luxury, its range of price points are intended to make fine jewelry accessible to as many people as possible.

Whether a simple pair of studs, a custom piece, or a show-stopping statement necklace, Kate Collins creations are for those drawn to original pieces designed with care and made with love. 


About Kate

Kate Collins is a lifelong artist who pursued opportunities in medicine and public health after questioning whether her deepest passion, painting, was a sustainable career choice. After working as a clinical research nurse, some major life changes — motherhood, divorce, remarriage — brought her back to art. 

Kate began collaborating with women around the world, promoting their economic empowerment by designing pieces that they would then use their own skills to make by hand. The pieces designed by Kate, and crafted by women across the globe, made up our first collections, originally called "Plume Collection" before rebranding to Kate Collins Jewelry in 2023. Designing the jewelry for these collections reawakened the artist in Kate, and led her to a passion for jewelry making she never knew she had. She started making simple pieces like leather cuffs and beaded bracelets, and found the mechanics of craftsmanship and the infinite possibilities for creation were magical.  

Kate now channels her lifelong passion for creation into art that is as functional as it is beautiful. She draws inspiration anywhere and everywhere: from an unexpected, one-of-a-kind precious stone; during a walk in nature; from friends and loved ones; during a daydream while cooking dinner. One of her greatest inspirations is her clients. She takes great joy in collaborating with them on custom pieces and transforming their ideas into wearable works of art that can be worn now and cherished for generations.

When she’s not in the studio, Kate strives to be fully present in her joyful, complicated, beautiful, messy life with her daughters Naiyah and Zadie, her husband Emilio, and their dogs Remi, Lou and Juniper. Inspired by her own mother, who worked hard at a job she loved while raising Kate and her sister, Kate is proud to set the same example for her daughters. She celebrates all women who take risks, make sacrifices and follow their bliss.